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If you’ve ever spent time as an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital and later had to endure the pain of people treating you like you were some kind of oddball then you’ll know what I went through ten years ago following my admission for nine days to such an institution.   I was severely depressed shortly after completing my thirtyieth Holotropic BreathworkTM session and both my therapist at the time and my family doctor felt I needed to be in a place where I could get the rest and treatment required to get me well again.

I definitely don’t remember the first three days in the hospital because seemingly it is psychiatric hospital policy to drug patients silly on admission probably to make life easier for the staff in cases where they’d be dealing with very distressed patients.   The last thing I needed was sedation.   What I needed was someone to listen to my pain and try to understand the weird feelings I’d been having during the previous few weeks, keeping me half stoned all the time wasn’t the way to go.  

The hardest thing for me to deal with was when I arrived back in the real world and found people who meant a lot to me suddenly treating me as someone not to be trusted.   A typical example was when I applied to work as a volunteer in my local childrens’ hospital and my friend who I’d asked to be my referee actually wrote to the hospital explaining that I’d been an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital.   She never even discussed this with me before writing the letter.   Luckily, I got the job and spent six happy years there until I had to quit because of a mild heart condition.

I put my friend’s action down to ignorance as a lot of people, even in this day and age still regard any form of mental illness, albeit in my case depression brought about by what’s known in transpersonal psychology terms as a spiritual emergency, as something to be greatly feared.

Ten years on I’m thankfully in excellent mental health and haven’t taken any anti-depressant medication for over eight years.   My demons have finally been put to rest.


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book-cover.jpg“This book does not come with the additional benefit of professional editing. As such, its contents are the raw and uncut narrations of my two and a half years of inner exploration through both “talking” therapy and a process known as Holotropic BreathworkTM. At times, certain sections of the narrative will not make for easy reading. However, it was only through re-experiencing the painful events described that I was finally able to let go of the anger and begin to forgive my tormentors but most of all, begin to acknowledge and accept myself for who I really am….” (Back Cover).

One day while I was sitting at my computer I happened to look up at my shelves and saw the three large ring-binders each containing the detailed handwritten accounts of my thirty Holotropic BreathworkTM sessions and thought I really should do something with those. I realized what a shame it would be to leave them there gathering dust when they might be of some interest or indeed help to perhaps breathwork facilitators in training, people considering embarking on their own journeys or maybe someone already in the process of dealing with their own demons. I decided there and then I was going to put them into book form.

The most enjoyable part of putting the book together was deciding on the cover, although to be honest it didn’t take a lot of thinking about. The idea came very quickly, inspired by an image I had following one of my sessions – a foetus connected by his umbilical cord to the Universe. He was so beautiful, gently floating in space against a background where pastel shades of blue and pink merged into one another.

I had fifty copies printed, most of which I both sold directly and through a local book shop and also gave a few copies to friends and some professionals.

I would be delighted to discuss my sessions and also to hear from those of you who have your own breathwork experiences.

A selection of my Breathwork Sessions can be viewed at: www.primal-page.com/coy.htm

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